Economic impact

  The economic value of Kentucky's bourbon industry relies on clean, dependable water resources.   


Distiller's community

Bourbon is a Kentucky icon known around world. The value it brings to Kentucky’s economy and notoriety is unmatched. It maintains more than 20,000 jobs and at least $1 billion in salaries, and continues to add to that figure annually. By 2022 bourbon will add an additional $2.3 billion in capital investments. Further, it has revitalized local tourism with more than 70% of bourbon visitors coming from outside Kentucky. Bourbon is 40% to 50% water, and 95% of the world’s bourbon comes from Kentucky, where our State’s pure limestone water is necessary for producing the world’s best bourbon.  

Sustaining the industry


Bourbon’s voice for clean water is powerful. Seen as pillars of hard work, economic opportunity, and community leaders, Distillers understand how bad policy can impact watershed resources. KWA works with distillers to protect, restore and celebrate water resources vital to the bourbon industry.